"Marriage by Divine Design"
with Leon and DeLayna


"Marriage by Divine Design"
with Leon and DeLayna

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31 Confessions of a Healthy Marriage

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There is a Holy Marriage Design System. We will provide proven strategies and techniques to blueprint your master marriage plan.

Everything Begins When You Become Truly One.


One Plus One Equals One

Marriage Hasn't Changed. How We View It Has!

BEFORE YOU SAY I DO!! Hear this. We believe that marriage is not a contract; it’s a covenant relationship. It’s the most sacred union between a man, woman, and God. It’s about a couple becoming “ONE.” Marriage is a true union of body, mind, and spirit that reflects something closely resembling God’s nature.

As husband and wife, you have the potential to call out the best, and provoke the absolute worst, in each other. OneNess doesn't mean each partner loses their individuality or identity. Let us help you design OneNess in your marriage. Begin right!!

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We are anointed to help couples and individuals just like you, experience love, healing, happiness, and hope.

women with wealth

Each marriage begins with the individual. Ladies, we all need a safe space where we can feel heard and understood. W3 is the space where you connect with your inner feminine power. Learn to attract and cultivate a healthy relationship with your Man and Your Money.


men of stature

Each marriage begins with the individual. Fellas, through our conversations, workshops, and conferences, we will work together to rebuild, restore, and reconnect your relationship. MoS is where we huddle. Here you will learn to understand your Lady and develop your Wealth.


Success Begins With a Divine Master Plan

Building this kind of oneness doesn't just happen overnight.

We plan every aspect of our lives - except the success of our marriages. Proverbs 29:18 says 
'Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he'. Let us help you make your marriage a priority with a vision, a plan!  
Our marriage is a testament to what can happen when you have a vision.  When you plan with intention, all of Heaven will go to work on your behalf to bring about a successful relationship.

We help our clients experience Real Love Through Designer Marriage Steps:

  • #1 - Understand the current state of your relationship

  • #2 - Define what you really want in your marriage

  • #3 - Be willing to make the necessary changes to be happy

  • #4 - Prepare for the tests that will come your way

  • #5 - Manifest love. Experience joy in the marriage you design


Are You Ready to Experience

True OneNess In Marriage?

We are so blessed that our smiles are real daily.  We want this for your relationship too!  It can happen! We will help you discover the secrets to a Godly marriage. Our Holy Marriage Design System is filled with strategies and techniques that will produce Love, Joy and abundance in your marriage.   

Learn the art of Communication, Intimacy and Financial Wealth.  Enjoy this OneNess Experience. Discover what True JOY is!


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