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Meet Your Marriage & Wealth Strategists

We are Leon and DeLayna Elliott. We specialize in creating an atmosphere of love through the teachings of OneNess. Our Marriage Design System is a proven system modeled after the Holy Scriptures. We have first hand experience of the power of obedience and trust in God's way of living in covenant. Our Son just married the love of his life in December 2019. He and his bride have been featured newly weds on multiple platforms.  They are living the Marriage Design System as the next generation of the Power of OneNess.

It has not been easy. We outlasted the pain of our past. We learned how to heal, TOGETHER. We learned how to talk to one another and most of all, how to HEAR each other. Life hit us and we fought back with prayer, meditation and welcoming the presence of God.

We now live an Exceedingly, Abundantly Above all we could ask for or think, kind of life. We have double for our trouble.

We will help you uncover the mysteries surrounding Marriage, Harmony, Love, Communication and Money. When you follow our Marriage Design System, you will realize a joyful, life giving and fulfilling marriage.

Thank you in advance for your trust in us to help enrich your lives and your love relationships as we discover the Power of OneNess in scriptures together.


DeLayna Elliott

A technologist by profession. Over the past 30 years I’ve worked for 3 of the largest banks in the world by market capitalization. JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. I am licensed in multiple states as a Life Insurance and Annuities specialist. I am the co-owner of World Fidelity Life an insurance brokerage. I started the W3 Wealth Institute to teach the principles of Soul Development to help women become wealthy and heal from any money wounds that may be prevalent.

If you are ready to experience abundance and peace with money, schedule an initial appointment with and learn about my Diamond Wealth community. Let's determine where you are right now, where you want to be, and what you need to get you there.

Leon Elliott

With over three decades of unwavering commitment to financial excellence, Leon Elliott is a distinguished Financial Wealth Strategist who has dedicated his career to safeguarding and nurturing family generational wealth. He has a unique ability to blend time-tested financial principles with cutting-edge strategies. His approach is grounded in a deep understanding that wealth isn't just about numbers; it's about preserving values, traditions, and the well-being of loved ones.

When he's not guiding families toward prosperity, Leon enjoys spending quality time with his own family, cherishing the values and traditions that have been passed down through the years. He firmly believes that family is at the heart of any enduring legacy.

Leon book


In the teachings of Arthur Pink in his book ‘The Nature of God’ he expresses with great clarity the mystery of God being Love itself.  Not that God has love or even that He simply loves but that He is actually and emphatically Love itself.

‘It is not simply that God loves, but that He is Love itself.  Love is not merely one of His attributes, but His very nature.  We talk about the love of God, but are total strangers to the God of Love.  The divine love is commonly regarded as a species of amiable weakness, a sort of good natured indulgence; it is reduce to a mere sickly sentiment, patterned after human emotion.  The truth is that on this, as on everything else, our thought need to be formed and regulated by what is revealed in scripture.  That there is urgent need for this is apparent not only from the ignorance which so generally prevails, but also from the low state of spirituality which is now so sadly evident everywhere among professing Christians. How little is our real love for God? One chief reason for this is because our hearts are so little occupied with His wondrous love for us.  The better we are acquainted with His love—its character, fullness, blessedness, the more our hearts will be drawn out in love to Him.’

Marriage is the result of God's love towards us. He pattern Marriage after this mystery.


  • 2021-Mind Valley Ever Coach: Business Coaching & Consultant Certification
  • 2020-Dream Builder Coach: Life Mastery Institute with Mary Morrissey
  • 2002-Marriage Works Program: American Association of Christian Counselors & Center for Biblical Counseling with Tim Clinton and Gary Smalley

Professional Experience:

  • Over 30 years in Corporate America-Finance and Financial Services
  • Licensed Life Insurance and Annuities; Retirement Specialists
  • Mortgage Bankers, Credit Specialists
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