Heal Your Money Wounds-Divine Wealth Intensive

James Brown sang a song. IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. This is the paradigm that women have around money. Its ok that we associate wealth with everything else except MONEY. We spiritualize it. IF we have a business, we are afraid to ask for the money. Our brain rejects the fact that it is ok for us to want to be RICH. There I said it. 

I am in sales. I am the CIO of a Financial Services Company. I’m delivering some powerful spiritual knowledge to you today, and in the past, I experienced anxiety talking to spiritual women about MONEY.

Where does this come from? It comes from my cultural narrative. My religious upbringing. As a Christian believer, I was taught that I should not desire to be rich, however, I found out that God does not have a problem with money. I discovered that if I wanted to become wealthy, I had to heal my money wounds. I realized that I could not attract money and resist money at the same time. Let’s uncover some money wounds. You may ask what does Money wounds have to do with my wealth? Because your self-image is tied to your money. It’s hard to have a healthy self-image, when you are broke. Time broke/money broke. 

This course will help you discover, heal and break free from your money wounds.

You will learn how to reprogram your Soul to Wealth and Abundance

**When you learn How to THINK, you will know What to DO then, you will then know How to RECEIVE.**


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