Healing Your Money Wounds

James brown sang a song. IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. This is the paradigm that women have around money. Its ok that we associate wealth with everything else except MONEY. We spiritualize it. IF we have a business, we are afraid to ask for the money. Our brain rejects the fact that it is ok for us to want to be RICH. There I said it.

I am in sales. I am the CIO of a Financial Services Company. I’m delivering some powerful spiritual knowledge to you today, and in the past I experienced anxiety talking to spiritual women about MONEY.

Where does this come from? It comes from my cultural narrative. My religious upbringing. As a Christian believer. I was taught that we should not desire to be rich, however, I could not sit in any service, watch any Christian programming without them asking for my money. So why can’t I ask for money? I discovered that if I wanted to become wealthy, I had to heal my money wounds. I realized that I could not attract money and resist money at the same time.

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