The Power of OneNess – Group

The Power of OneNess - Group

We are Better Together!

  • 90 Day Program
  • No more than 10 couples
  • $2997 ($1000 a month for a couple)

Start over. If you could design your Marriage from scratch, what would it look like? How would you talk to each other? How intently would your spouse listen to you? How satisfying would sex be to you? How much money would you have in the bank? What career or business would you build together? Where would you go on vacation?  How would you parent your children? How much joy would you experience on a daily basis? How much laughter would be in your house?

We help you envision your life together. This is your marriage. You are the architect. We supply the tools. You design your own unique marriage as you experience the Power of OneNess Marriage Design System.

  1. Defining Your Marriage
  2. Testing Your Marriage
  3. Increase Your Sense of Deserving
  1. Befriending Fear
  2. Activating the Law of Forgiveness
  3. Dispelling Myths around Sex
  1. Identifying where you are in the Wealth Quadrant
  2. Savings Vehicles
  3. Creating a Giving Strategy

We help you DESIGN your marriage to meet your desires and vision for your lives.

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